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American Indian Healthy Eating

HNNC Community Change Guide

The seven tribes and three urban Indian organizations participating in Healthy, Native North Carolinians strive to develop, implement, and evaluate community changes that promote active living and healthy eating according to the initiative’s budget guidelines and guide posts illustrated here, which evolve as the evidence on community change evolves!  Throughout the capacity building workshops and consultations, these questions, guide posts, and materials included on this site are utilized to work with the participating tribes and organizations to foster sustainable and meaningful tribally-led community changes.

Keep in mind our goal is multiple signs of meaningful engagement from the tribal leaders, staff, volunteers, elders, youth, and key stakeholders because:

Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I will remember

Engage me and I will understand

A Lakota Sioux saying

HNNC Guide Post Questions

1) How will the tribe/organization’s planned activities foster making the healthy choice, the easy choice?  Examples of meaningful community changes include:

2) If and how will the plan of action be sustained next year when there is no longer Healthy, Native North Carolinians financial support?

These questions help participating tribes and organizations self-assess their plans before submitting and help prepare them for our discussions during monthly consultations and capacity building workshops.

HNNC Resources for Fostering Community Changes that Promote Active Living and Healthy Eating