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The seven tribes and three urban Indian organizations participating in Healthy, Native North Carolinian’s Initiative took part in four capacity building workshops throughout the two-year initiative.  The following provides highlights from each of the four workshops.  The participating tribes and organizations also shared their HNNC process and progress at the United Tribes for North Carolinian Unity Conference in 2012 and 2013!

Capacity Building Workshop 1

indian 2012 042
indian 2012 043
Pictured above HNNC participants engaged in cross-community dialogue about their efforts to advance health within their communities and how they try to overcome barriers to achieving their goals.
indian 2012 065
Pictured above Edgar Villanueva, Executive Director of the North Carolina American Indian Health Board, with Sherry Munford and Dorothy Crowe, both of Sappony.  Edgar shared with HNNC participants the mission and resources of the NC American Indian Health Board, along with tips on building collaborations.
indian 2012 047
Pictured above is Julia Phipps of Sappony with HNNC Advisor Dr. Ronny Bell of Wake Forest School of Medicine.
 Pictured above Missy Brayboy of the NC Commission of Indian Affairs (Year 1) and Dr. Sheila Fleischhacker, HNNC Co-Principal Investigator (Year 1) and Advisor (Year 2). 
indian 2012 053
indian 2012 059
indian 2012 056
indian 2012 057
indian 2012 058
Pictured above HNNC participants enjoying a healthy lunch while engaging in cross-community conversations and learning about ways to integrate healthy living into meetings and conferences from Dr. Alice Ammerman, HNNC Co-Principal Investigator.

Capacity Building Workshop 2

Pictured above is the location of HNNC Capacity Building Workshop 2, the North Carolina Botanical Gardens.  The workshop included guided tours of the gardens and the conversations that occurred during this workshop facilitated relationships in which several HNNC tribes and organizations came back for additional guided tours of the gardens.

Capacity Building Workshop 3

-Amy Hertel Lockler’s (HNNC Co-Principal Investigator) presentation on the American Indian Center at the University of North Carolinia at Chapel Hill
-Dr. Ronny Bell’s (Professor at Wake Forest and HNNC Evaluation Advisor) presentation on evaluating your HNNC Initiative entitled: Evaluation: Documenting and Defining Success
-Dr. Alice Ammerman (Professor at UNC and HNNC Co-Principal Investigator) presentation on evaluating community garden projects

Capacity Building Workshop 4

Tony and Randi
Pictured above Tony V. Lockear and Randi Byrd preparing to facilitate a Talking Circle with workshop participants
Tony, Mrs. Sandra Hunt of GNAA (Coharie) color pic
Pictured above Ms. Sandra Hunt of Guilford Native American Association and Tony V. Locklear
Jeff Currie tour
Pictured above Jeff Currie of TNAS giving an educational tour to the HNNC participants of the TNAS educational garden
Cross-community collaborations Alvin Evans & Verdia Deese
Pictured above Charles Alvin Evans, Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe engaged in a discussion with Verda Deese, Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
HNNC workshop 2
HNNC workshop
Pictured above our HNNC workshop participants working on capacity building exercises during the fourth HNNC workshop

  • Presented resources for HNNC participants as they engaged in a hands-on exercise to develop and refine their story for the HNNC website and other project dissemination materials:
  1. HNNC website presentation
  2. CDC web-based tutorial for communities to help them document and disseminate their success stories 
  3. AAIP’s compilation of CDC’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work tribal grantees’ progress and products
  4. John Scott-Richardson of Haliwa-Saponi in a social media message about keeping tobacco sacred:
  5. Sample InfographicSample Infographic

HNNC Annual Network Workshop July 2014

Unity Conference Workshop 2012

Unity Conference Workshop 2013