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About Cumberland County Association for Indian People (CCAIP)

The purpose of Cumberland County Association for Indian People (CCAIP) is to enhance self-determination and self-sufficiency as it relates to the socio-economic development, legal, and political well-being of the Indian People of Cumberland County.  Fostering healthier choices is one of many areas the CCAIP Board works on to improve the lives of its members.  We support the planning and delivering of services by utilizing local, state, and national networking resources in the following areas:
(1)   Education,
(2)   Native arts and crafts,
(3)   Cultural enrichment,
(4)   Job referrals services,
(5)   Employment and training,
(6)   Economic development, and
(7)   Housing and health needs

CCAIP HNNC Supported Initiatives

CCAIP developed the Fostering Healthier Choices Community Cookbook to build awareness among our people of how we can individually and collectively foster healthier choices where we live, pray, study, work, eat, and play.  CCAIP is also working to do its part in helping raise a healthier generation of American Indian children by working with three childcare centers to establish healthy eating and active living policies and practices, which will reach approximately 75 children plus parents and childcare staff.

CCAIP HNNC Partners & Collaborators

CCAIP Contact Information

 Sandra H. Norton

 Cumberland County Association for Indian People (CCAIP)

 2173 Downing Rd.

 Fayetteville, NC  28312