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About Guilford Native American Association (GNAA)

Guilford Native American Association (GNAA) is a Native American community association in Guilford CountyNorth Carolina.  It is a North Carolina State-recognized American Indian Organization, and is a United Way referral agency.
Incorporated in September 1975 by local parents as a non-profit education advocacy group, the association has grown to encompass child careemployment, and age-based community programs.  GNAA is the oldest American Indian urban association in North Carolina and one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the United States.
GNAA’s stated primary goal is to “assist Indian people in achieving social and economic self-sufficiency”.  It serves over 5,000 Native Americans in Guilford and the surrounding counties.  One of its major events since 1976 is an annual pow-wow and cultural festival.  The association also operates the Guilford Native American Art Gallery in Greensboro, North Carolina.

GNAA HNNC Supported Initiatives

Check out how GNAA illustrated their HNNC supported initiatives in their social media video, More than a Garden!

The videographer of More than a Garden is Ryan Comfort (Ojibwe).
GNAA has developed a sustainable community garden, which has been helping to increase community members’ knowledge of organic gardening in urban areas and to inspire healthy cooking and eating.  The learning process will be enhanced through workshops including:
1) growing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs,
2) healthy cooking,
3) composting, and
4) canning and food preservation.
GNAA has established a Guilford Native American Association Garden Committee (also known as our HNNC committee) and it is continuing to grow in size through community volunteers.  The Committee is currently comprised of the GNAA Director, one staff person, along with seven community members (total of 9 people presently, and growing).  The HNNC Committee oversees all facets of development, implementation, maintenance, and completion of garden and associated activities.  The participation of youth and elders is a critical ingredient to the community garden goals!

Our Garden Committee listening to a composting tutorial at the North Carolina Botanical Garden

Rick learning how to get a quality soil sample at the Carolina Campus Community Garden

Pictured above is our GNAA Garden Committee getting “hands-on” lessons at the Carolina Campus Community Garden

Garden Blessing Ceremony-Dalphine Strickland and Sandra Hunt

Garden Blessing Ceremony-Dalphine Strickland

Garden Blessing Ceremony-Dalphine Strickland, Sandra Hunt, and Johnette Jeffries-Lopez
 GNAA Garden Committee Member Sandra Hunt working with UNC Journalism Student, Ryan Comfort, Ojibwe, videographer, during the Garden Blessing Ceremony

Some of our Garden Committee

GNAA HNNC Partners & Collaborators

GNAA Contact Information

Rick Oxendine, Executive Director
Guilford Native American Association, Inc.
PO Box 5623
Greensboro, North Carolina 27435
(336) 273-8686 (voice)
(336) 272-2925 (fax)