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About Occanecchi Band of the Saponi Nation (OBSN)

The Occannecchi Band of the Saponi Nation—OBSN for short—is a small Indian community located primarily in the old settlement of Little Texas, Pleasant Grove Township, Alamance County, North Carolina.  Until the middle part of the 20th century, the community was largely occupied in agricultural pursuits, sometimes supplemented by day wage labor jobs or jobs in nearby factories.  In recent decades, the numbers of people engaged full or part time in agriculture has declined significantly, and most working adults in the community now work in offices, or as skilled workers and craftsmen, or in the few remaining factories in the area.  The OBSN community is a lineal descendant of the Saponi and related Indians who occupied the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia in pre-contact times, and specifically of those Saponi and related Indians who formally became tributary to Virginia under the Treaties of Middle Plantation in 1677 and 1680, and, who under the subsequent treaty of 1713 with the Colony of Virginia agreed to join together as a single community.  This confederation formed a settlement at Fort Christianna along the Virginia/North Carolina border in what is now Brunswick County, Virginia.  The confederation included the Saponi proper, the Occaneechi, the Eno, the Tutelo, and elements of other related communities such as the Cheraw.  All of these communities were remnants of much larger Siouan communities that had lived in North Carolina and Virginia in prehistoric times.

OBSN HNNC Supported Initiatives

In order to assist with improvement of the health of the OBSN Tribal Members, the OBSN Tribal Council elected to distribute vegetable plants and seeds to the OBSN Tribal Members and encourage them to grow their own healthy food.  In Spring 2013, the Tribe coordinated a distribution of garden starter kits.

OBSN also works on maintaining farming on its tribal lands and providing lessons on indigenous foods to local school children and visitors.  Another activity the Tribe is working on sustaining is offering healthier choices at their annual Pow Wow each summer.

In addition, OBSN uses the HNNC website, newsletters, and social media to promote healthy eating and active living and how to use the garden kits.  These efforts included promoting participating in the 2013 Sappony 5K Trail Run!

OBSN HNNC Partners & Collaborators

OBSN Contact Information

Sharn Jeffries
Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, Inc.
PO Box 356
Mebane, NC  27302
Tribal Grounds and Office located at 4902 Dailey Store Road, Burlington, NC 27217