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About Triangle Native American Society

Triangle Native American Society (TNAS) was incorporated in 1984 to promote and protect the identity of Native Americans living in Wake and surrounding counties by providing educational, social, and cultural programs.  TNAS was granted official state recognition in 2000 by theNorth Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs and serves as the official governing body for the Native American population in the Triangle area.
TNAS seeks to foster a local Native community while bridging the various cultural and traditional practices members bring from their respective home tribal communities.  This will be accomplished by the following:

  • To obtain and administer funds to address the needs of the Indian constituency residing in the Triangle community;
  • To provide residents residing in the Triangle community information and referral services;
  • To educate, stimulate, and cultivate cultural awareness through programming and other forms of media;
  • To promote unity and leadership to achieve political and developmental strength while providing effective advocacy for the American Indian population; and
  • To further strengthen educational achievement through providing a culturally relevant learning community.

TNAS HNNC Supported Initiatives

TNAS developed a native plants community garden and an aquaponic educational garden, which are both being utilized and enjoyed by the community.  The TNAS gardens are cared for in collaboration with the Wake County Title VII Indian Education program, with an educational emphasis on a holistic blend of indigenous cultural preservation, science, nutrition, and physical activity.  The community has also developed a presentation to share their journey through the planning and development of their community and aquaponic gardens.  Additionally, as an ongoing project, the community is compiling lists of seeds and plants used (or to be used in the garden for future generations) and includes indigenous knowledge of uses for each plant as cultural education and preservation.  In addition, TNAS is integrating efforts around the garden to promote the preparation and consumption of healthier food and beverage choices.  TNAS has also purchased outdoor games and sporting equipment to integrate active options into their community events and encourage more individual and family physical activity among its members.
1 Garden Prep & Tilling
11 March 2013 tilling, garden prep
2 Planting Boxes3 Planted BoxesTOSHIBA CAMCORDER5 Summer garden growthTOSHIBA CAMCORDERTOSHIBA CAMCORDER8 Winter Garden Harvest  Gwen Locklear Collards (1)8 Winter Garden Harvest10 Collecting Seeds12 TNAS Annual Picnic June 2013- Tonia Jacobs
Pictured above are garden preparation stages, summer 2013 and winter 2013 harvests, and summer healthy, TNAS fun!

Triangle Native American Society HNNC Partners & Collaborators

TNAS Contact Information

Kerry Bird, President
Triangle Native American Society
PO Box 26841
Raleigh, NC  27611
Gwen Locklear, Coordinator
Title VII Indian Education Program
Wake County Public Schools