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The success of our project was made possible by the time and thoughts provided by the tribal liaisons identified by each of the participating tribes.  We are most grateful for their dedication to advancing their tribe’s health, as well as their logistical support!

Coharie Tribe: Tabatha Brewer
Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe: Karen Lynch Harley, Al Richardson, and Marty Richardson
Lumbee Tribe: Candice Collins and Eric “Raven” Locklear
Meherrin Indian Tribe: Devonna Mountain-Mosser, Chief Thomas Lewis, and Dr. Aaron Winston
Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation: Vivette Jeffries-Logan, Tony Hayes, and Sharn Jeffries
Sappony: Dorothy Crowe, Chief Otis Martin, and Julia Phipps
Waccamaw Siouan Tribe: Sandra Bronner, Tami Jacobs, and Brenda Moore


“My eyes have been opened to disparities and opportunities within our tribal environments here in North Carolina.  I have shared with high school students intending to study fields of nutrition or medicine the impetus of the initiative and have predicted that in their professional lives they will have opportunity to further the body of study that we are so fortunate to have begun.  Generations will be strengthened by this work.  Each one touching this initiative has brought blessing to it and taken blessing from it!  Walk in strength and beauty.”
 Eric “Raven” Locklear, M.Ed., Tribal Liaison-Lumbee