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To accelerate solution-oriented strategies for tribal-level action, the American Indian Healthy Eating Project worked with seven tribes in North Carolina to create Tools for Healthy Tribes.  This policy toolkit provides technical assistance and tools on areas identified with the most potential to facilitate tribally-led ways within the participating tribes to improve access to healthy, affordable foods.  As explained in our American Journal of Preventive Medicine paper, lessons learned from tribal leaders and key informants built the partnerships and evidence base necessary to focus on and move forward the following approaches:

Our goal is to use policy tools and technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of tribal leaders to develop, implement, and evaluate community change around healthy eating and active living.  We also want to disseminate lessons learned to foster the translation of culturally appropriate, tribally-led strategies to reduce American Indian health disparities nationwide.  The kit and website work together.  We recommend distributing the kit to tribal leaders to generate interest in tribally-led strategies while key stakeholders use the more extensive website version for more detailed rules, regulations, and resources.